William Beckett

William Beckett

Chicago, IL

Genres:  PopSinger-SongwriterAcousticRock

Cut Ties

William Beckett - Home Recording

Compromising Me (Ukelele)

William Beckett - Home Recording

Come Pick Me Up (Ryan Adams Cover)

William Beckett - Cover Song / Full Band Recording

"Music is all about connection," expresses solo artist William Beckett. "Performer gives to listener, listener gives back to performer. I respect my fans and their inevitable evolution of taste and experience. The only constants in life are change and the necessity of music. THAT is why I don't make the same record over and over again. I'm not trying to cater to an audience or lower the bar to some level of "relatability". I write real songs for real people about real experiences. The connection is the skin, the meat and the core. The whole apple."

Let William Beckett Write You a Song!

  • Short, but sweet! One minute original custom home recording. You provide the inspiration. Handwritten lyrics upgrade available for $50.
  • You pick the cover song, I'll put my spin on it.
  • Full original custom song, home recorded by William. You provide the details, inspiration and backing story! Handwritten lyrics upgrade available for $50.
  • $500.00