Tiffany Topol

Tiffany Topol

New York

Genres:  ElectronicPopIndieAcoustic

December 1

An original folky Christmas song written/produced/recorded at home.

Old Blue Eyes - A Tribute to Frank D. on his 70th Birthday

An original song (a la Frank Sinatra) commissioned for a friend's father's birthday - written and recorded at home.

Suicide Eye

Original electropop song - written/produced/recorded at home.

Hey Belle

Original song commissioned for a friend's mother's birthday, written and recorded at home (with strings by Claire Wellin).

The first song Tiffany ever wrote was a power ballad dedicated to Justin Timberlake entitled "Destiny." Many years and many songs later, her pining heart continues to speak through unique and unexpected lyrics that nestle effortlessly into warm, melancholic folk songs and sexy, soaring electropop. While she is most heavily influenced by alternative/pop giants (St. Vincent, Kate Bush, Bjork, Beyoncé) and folk maestros (Joanna Newsom, Bon Iver), she can't ignore the effect of her lifelong love affair and career in classic musical theatre. Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand will forever be her vocal idols, and her songwriting often calls upon the sophisticated playfulness of jazz and pop standards (think Cole Porter and Gershwin).

Most recently, Tiffany composed and supervised the music for the award-winning webseries, "Best Thing You'll Ever Do," (Indie Series Award nominee - Best Original Score) now on Vimeo. She has toured the country with the Tony Award-winning Once the Musical, and performs regularly with NYC ghost folk band Youth in a Roman Field.

Tiffany has worked as a "personal songwriter" since 2013 - capturing the musical essence of a stranger through the eyes of loved ones brings her great joy. She also loves an assignment, so give her something to write about!

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