Susie Ulrey

Susie Ulrey

Tampa, FL

Genres:  EmoPopSinger-SongwriterIndie

Friend X


Growing By The Hour

Rec Center


The Maccabees

Singing in front of a mirror with a hairbrush-as-microphone is how it all started for Susie. She wanted to be a pop star. Fast forward to the age of 14 when a crush on Brent the Skater prompted her to buy some albums he listened to. After realizing that skaters only care about skating, the crush was crushed and music became a bit of an obsession. At 15, guitars and such were acquired and she starting playing in a pop punk trio comprised of her best friend and subsequent boyfriend, officially becoming the third wheel among other things. Later she joined Pohgoh (and wrote “Friend X” dubbed “one of the best songs ever written by any band ever," according to Scott Heisel of Alternative Press) and also played in The Maccabees (not the UK band). She currently sings, plays guitar and plunks the keyboard in Rec Center, whose first full length was released in May 2012. Previously bands have been dubbed as “emo girl pop” and her most recent venture has been described as a “lovely, thoughtful, finely-crafted collection easing between breezy folk-roots, warm indie pop and lightly-driving alt rock. Susie's vocals are pure piping sweetness -- sometimes bright and vibrant, other times delicate and serene -- that adds a shimmery luster to the mix along with the bell-like tones of her electric piano melodies.” –Leilani Polk, Creative Loafing Sounds nice, doesn't it?

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