Steve Wellington Aka Dreadlox Holmes

Steve Wellington Aka Dreadlox Holmes

Paris France

Genres:  Hip-HopSoulPopRock

A Beautiful Forever

A Love Song, reminiscing when you met that special person, showing appreciation and declaring undying love, and how you'd like to spend the rest of your life with them, the song feature's french R&B Singer OSMAUS

Everybody's Famous

Everybody's Famous, could be seen as a social media anthem, it's about the different techniques people use to become famous on the different social media platforms, and simply asks the question seeing that Everybody's Famous, can they actually go and perform what they are famous for and rock a stage, or does that even matter

Keep Ur Hands Ova Deh

Keep Ur Hands Ova Deh, Is simply a Female empowerment anthem, telling men they don't have permission to touch a womans body without their consent, This Song Features Senegalese/Capeverdian Singer Constance on Lead Vocals, It's Produced in a Afrobeats or Afropop Style


This is the Lament of a heartbroken woman, she's in a very confused state after a hard and heavy breakup, finding it very difficult to love again, this song is the 3rd single by Constance, which she wrote together & produced with Steve Aka Dreadlox Holmes

Steve Wellington, also known as Dreadlox Holmes, was born to Jamaican parents in London, UK. After spending several years in Jamaica, he returned to London in his late adolescence years where he decided to indulge in his passion, music. He started his career as a guitarist, not hesitating to use his talents as a musician in the service of various artists of international and national fame and local and upcoming artists Roachford MBE(United Kingdom) Keziah Jones (Nigeria / France) Pauline Henry of The Chimes - (United Kingdom) Cass Lewis of Skunk Anansie (United Kingdom) S'Express (United Kingdom) Tonton David (France) Black Radical MKII (United Kingdom Hip Hop Pioneer) . In the early 90s, he wanted to add new strings to his bow by embarking on musical composition, writing lyrics and artistic achievement. This has led him to multiply collaborations with singers throughout Europe: Dino Merlin (Croatia), TJ Cases (United Kingdom) Cali Kamga (singer for the Wailers, Youssou N 'Dour, Max Romeo & Calypso Rose ) Guillaume Atlan (The Supermen lovers) Steve has also devoted himself to more personal projects by founding two underground Black Rock bands, in the tradition of Bad Brains, Living Colour and Fishbone (Scrap Iron Scientists) (Project xXx) Also setting up an Electro Acoustic Pop Soul project with the British singer Renn Cumberbatch (Siren Filter) selected for the CQFD compilation of Inrocks in 2004) their debut album “Altered Frequencies” was released in 2007 In addition, he had some escapades in the world of soundtracks: Messiah The Rapture (series broadcast on BBC1 Drama, United Kingdom, 2008), Transit (film broadcast on MTV, 2005) Advertising campaign "1824" commissioned by the mayor of London to encourage young people to vote (song "5 Million Strong", 2006). He settled in Paris at the end of 2012 and has since worked with many young local artists: Cali Kamga Audrey Vernon (actress) Gystère (Singer) Sodasound Records Syam Rose Osmaus Jessica Kungz Charlène Lamba Aosi Raina Constance Diane Lidis Elena Serna Jade Sea Blue Working with these the artists in the capacity of Enunciation / Pronunciation Coach for French singers singing in English, Co-Writer, Producer or in some cases all four. 2017 – 2018 Dreadlox Holmes has been Co-Writing & Co–Producing songs with Senegelase international artist Tukkiman and released the dancehall Anthem “Hit It” on which he is a featured artist. “Space” and “Look At Now” where Dreadlox Holmes starred in his first roll as an Actor. Dreadlox Holmes Latest releases under his own name are Dreadlox Holmes - Keep Ur Hands Ova Deh (Feat. Constance) Dreadlox Holmes - My Halo is a Crown and the most recent Dreadlox Holmes - Everybody's Famous 2020, 2020 has been a very busy year. Steve's new project Washington & Holmes dropped their first single "U 8n't Shit" and received a bit of airplay on UK Soul Radio Mi-Soul Radio "Hurt" By Constance was released in March 2020 "Paradise" by Syam Rose feat. Dreadlox Holmes Video was released Dreadlox Holmes has Just released his Latest single "Black Stars" on the 12th June 2020 All tracks are available on all music streaming platforms

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