Steve Soboslai

Steve Soboslai

Pittsburgh, PA

Genres:  FolkPop PunkEmoIndie

Magic Mountain (Song Deluxe)

Check out a few examples of songs I've written for people and hear for yourself. This song "Magic Mountain" is of the "Full Band" type.

Balance (Song)

This is one of my all time favorites I've done and is of the full band level.

I Always Knew (Song)

One of my favorite songs I've done. Very representative of the sound I can provide.

Hey I See You Over There (Mini)

A minute long song!

Through this service you can have Steve Soboslai from Punchline write a custom song for you. See below for more info including price and what's needed from you to get started.

Note: Package upgrades currently available include handwritten lyrics, dedication video performance, or a custom 7" vinyl pressing. These are added to your cart after the inspiration questionnaire and before check-out. Thank you!

Let Steve Soboslai Write You a Song!

  • 60 seconds or less: original mini-song, birthday/holiday greeting, personal theme song, or custom shout-out
  • VALENTINE'S SPECIAL: Full original custom song with single instrument + vocal
  • Full original custom song with multiple instruments + vocals
  • Two song concept bundle (think "Side A + Side B" of a single)