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Shawn Harris


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Years before Shawn Harris (the Matches / St. Ranger / Maniac / Fortress Social Club) was born, on June 24th, 1982, his mother Peggy caught a glimpse of the future. Though not at all musically inclined, somehow she would become a songwriter. Instead of a conventional approach to learning the craft, such as beginner piano lessons, Peggy instead birthed a fat and healthy baby boy, leading to perhaps the most costly artist development deal of all time (at least the longest awaited delivery date). Weening the boy on the Magical Mystery Tour, cow's milk, and flute lessons, Shawn's parents encountered a predictable rebellion, watching him go vegan and start a punk band (which his mother and father loved in spite of his teenaged efforts; only occasionally flinching upon hearing the word "fuck" harmonized in 3 parts). After 10 years of internationally invoking mosh pits and waltzes in the same performance with his punk-then-new-wave-then-chamber-rock band the Matches, Shawn further spun off of his parents' planet by moving from his native California home to Boston, and then further, to Sydney, Australia, in 2009 where he created the irreverent pop duo Maniac. Being primarily an excuse to exchange continents and live in dilapidated houses with his best friend and Australian, Jake Grigg, Maniac spawned a record, an EP, and a variety of custom songs and made-to-order merchandise that the duo self-recorded and printed for their decidedly cultish audience, which kept them afloat (and often happily drunk) for the band's lifespan. When visa renewal became a problem, the two took a hiatus in 2012. Having returned to California, Shawn began a multi-instrumentalist rock and roll project called Fortress Social Club at the Fortress recording studio in Downtown Los Angeles, before leaving L.A. in an Airstream to tour and record across America, his solo project St. Ranger. Shawn writes and records songs every day. Three songs, thus far, have been collaborations with his mother, who pens lyrics and is currently learning how to set up her own BMI publishing account.

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