Shane Henderson

Shane Henderson

Philadelphia / NYC

Genres:  RockPopAcousticFolk

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The Future Perfect

How Fast

Promise of Redemption

It's no surprise Shane was raised on a blend of classics: Springsteen, Petty, Seger, etc. As well as Hot Water Music, The Get Up Kids, and Jimmy Eat World. These different blend of styles are what makes his music stand out. His true musical debut came at the helm of the critically acclaimed Philadelphia pop-punk group Valencia, where he wrote, sang, and played guitar. He toured the world and captivated people across the country with his affinity for heart wrenching lyrics that turned tragedy to optimism. As an outlet for his softer side, the acoustic project Promise of Redemption was born, under which Henderson released the deeply personal and incredibly relatable full length "When The Flowers Bloom" detailing the tragic and sudden loss of a loved one. In 2012, after 3 albums and 8 years of touring across the US, UK, Japan, and Australia, Valencia decided to hang up their hats for the time being. This gave Shane the opportunity to challenge himself to create something totally his own; his new rock outfit Shane Henderson & The Future Perfect. A self described "cross between Tom Petty and Hot Water Music," Shane released the EP "Control" of which AbsolutePunk notes "the quality guitar work, the melodic intricacies, the crisp percussion, and all the other details that make Control an essential listen."

Shane also currently works in New York City as an engineer and producer for the recording studio at music publishing powerhouse BMG Chrysalis, and has found much success through commercial and film songwriting. He has produced and engineered albums for many artists across musical genres, showcasing his versatility behind the soundboard. He continues to do co-writes with various artists and is willing to dip his toes into many different waters, not shying away from a challenge.

Shane's voice and passion for music are his strongest instrument. He is happiest with a guitar in his hands, a tune in his head, and a story to tell.

So, let him tell your story...

Let Shane Henderson Write You a Song!

  • Single Instrument / Single Vocal Arrangement (Home Recording)
  • Two Custom songs - Perfect for the Holiday Gift Giving!
  • Multiple Instruments / Vocals Arrangement (Home Recording)
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  • Is there a song from my catalogue that you've always wanted to hear Acoustic? Now is the perfect time, for the holiday season I am offering the chance to pick your favorite song from any of my albums and turn it into a full acoustic version!
  • Single Instrument / Vocal Arrangement (Home Recording)
  • You and I will schedule times to write the song together over video chat. Then I will record the song! This song comes with full layering such as harmonies, and instrumentation. A sonically full song!
  • Full Band Arrangement (Home Recording)
  • $1,000.00