Seth Hecox

Seth Hecox

Seattle, WA

Genres:  ClassicalComedic JinglesFolkRock

After obtaining my Associate's Degree in Music in Georgia (studying music composition, music theory, sight singing & ear training, etc), I signed a record contract with Tooth & Nail Records, based in Seattle. So for 10 years, I was Becoming The Archetype. As the only member to appear on all the BTA albums, I was able to write and record both piano pieces and classical guitar pieces. I got to write and record vocal melodies and harmonies. I also got to write thrash, doom, black metal, grind, prog metal, and all sorts of other metal riffs on guitar for our albums. I also created Anchors, which allowed me to do more singing and play more synth and piano. For 6 years, I wrote catchy songs that kept either vocal melodies or instrumental melodies in the forefront. My most recent full-length release was a folk album titled "All Folked Up" which featured folk songs that utilized acoustic guitar and organ quite a lot. In between tours, I took courses in music business and graduated with a Bachelor's in Business Administration. Also between tours I was a music director at two different churches for 7 months each. I directed choirs, created Christmas programs, played organ, piano, and guitar, led with my voice, and wrote choir adaptations of hymns. My bands took me to all 48 contiguous states, to Europe 3 times, to Canada 4 times, to South Africa, and Mexico. Now that I have a family and can't tour, this seems like a good avenue to bring my abilities to the music community.

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