Seth Engel

Seth Engel

Chicago, IL

Genres:  IndiePopRockAcoustic

Mind It

from Options' 2012 EP, Little Victories. Recorded and mixed by Jonah Kort at CarterCo.


from Options' 2015 LP, Driftwood Metaphor. Recorded at The Owlery and mixed at home.

Wash (demo)

home recording on my 4 track, 2015.

"Multi-Instrumentalist is a description that some use lightly but when hearing Seth Engel perform on drums, guitar or bass you're unable to pick favorites. Seth is a Philly raised musician currently residing in Chicago IL. Listening to the music of his solo persona Options weave in and out of perfectly crafted rock songs, intertwining guitars fluttering and instantly catchy vocal melodies being sung over quirky, hard hitting drum patterns you feel like you are able to participate in every story and emotion he conveys right there alongside him. Outside of his solo project, Seth has played in many bands with varying styles, ranging from drumming in a melodic hardcore/punk group Guillemet to playing guitar in his four piece rock band Coaster. When he is not performing or writing new material he is recording other bands and musicians, which he is equally as passionate about." - Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, 2014

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