Scott Sweeney

Scott Sweeney

Chicago, IL

Genres:  OtherPop RockSinger-SongwriterAcoustic


Ukulele based Studio Recording

Runaround Sue

Ukulele based Cover Song

When You Don't Sleep At Night

Ukulele based Rockabilly Song

Hi! My name is Scott. I have been writing and recording music for 20 years. After spending 10 years in Chicago based pop rock bands Saraphine and The Translation, I decided to try my hand at ukulele, and I have been playing and writing ukulele based ditties since 2009. I have a lot of friends who were are more successful than me, but I sure do a mean Runaround Sue. Let me create a custom ukulele song or full instrumentation song for you!

Check out my song samples listed above.

(Disclaimer: I can still rock a guitar. If you aren't feeling the aloha, I can make the acoustic sing)

Let Scott Sweeney Write You a Song!

  • Mini song but full of goodness. Basically; I'll throw the kitchen sink at it but it will be shorter than your average pop song clocking in around a minute (or shorter if you want a jingle)
  • Full original custom song with basic production + vocal
  • Full original custom song with full production (professional recording etc) + vocals
  • Two song concept bundle (think "Side A + Side B" of a single)