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Rachel Birthday Song

Our client asked us for a birthday song and we delivered a personalized, funny and uplifting song with a small surprise at the end :)

MTM started rapping in 1994 with english lyrics, worked on several productions (one gold album in Germany) in Berlin (K.I.Z., Mosh36, MC Bomber, Mach One), RyLT grew up playing in punk bands. After tiring of the non stop DIY touring he focused his writing and production efforts in the world of pop, working with artists such as FTSE, PSALMS, Millie Ines and Ruben Urgal, along with an array of other independent artists. Records he has worked on have been streamed over 5 Million times, received air play on local and national radio in the UK and the USA and lead to him being nominated for best producer and best pop song for the BMA’s. MTM and RyLT first worked together in 2018, writing and producing for another artist, when they discovered their shared loved for Hip Hop, Trap and Urban music. Since then they have continued to work together on projects and music for advertising and have now added downwrite to their work, to bring you the personal tailored songs for your special occasions.

Let RyLT & MTM Write You a Song!

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