Rory Rodriguez

Rory Rodriguez

Orange County, CA

Genres:  AmbientSoulAcousticSinger-Songwriter

Rory Rodriguez began writing music at the age of 16. Starting off as a solo artist writing honest and heartfelt lyrics until he eventually moved on to the band Arms Like Yours. This project flourished and ended up gaining an underground fanbase across the country but soon died out after feeling it was best to pursue other endeavors. His next major project to come into the light of the music scene is his current band, known as Dayseeker. In the oversaturated genre known as melodic hardcore, this group strives to the best of it's ability to write songs and lyrics that will capture the raw and inner emotions that everyone goes through on a daily basis. With any struggle in life, comes two things: The beauty to appreciate that without the bitter moments, it would be quite difficult to taste the sweeter ones and to always keep your eyes focused on the light at the end of the tunnel, regardless of how dim it may be.

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