Rob Myers

Rob Myers


Genres:  Pop RockAcousticCountryComedic Jingles

Heart Attack

Upbeat power pop song - Studio recording

Right Left Gone

Slow Jam / Home Recording

I have been in and out of emo,power pop, punk, even a few metal bands over the years. I am a strong writer and producer that is able to turn ideas into songs. I'd like to write you a song if you'll have me. I have a full regalia of instruments at my disposal, and love it when I can add a 3 part harmony. I am upbeat, I write fun songs. Let's get to it!

Let Rob Myers Write You a Song!

  • Your song requested and out the door! Let me know if you have specific time constraint requests so I can prioritize the orders! Vocal/Guitar, light accompaniment possible, just let me know.
  • All the glory, none of the wait. Vocal/Guitar, whatever is needed and can be done in 48 hours!
  • Single Instrument / Single Vocal
  • Single Instrument / Single Vocal
  • Full Band Arrangement Studio Recording