Quona Hudson

Quona Hudson

Ithaca NY

Genres:  GarageCountrySinger-SongwriterAcoustic

Coming from a long line of musicians, with family roots in the mountains of Appalachia, Quona had a guitar in his hand by the age of 6 and found inspiration in his affection for Bluegrass and Americana music. Influenced by guitar greats such as Leo Kottke, Eric Clapton, and Micheal Hedges, and the vocal stylings of Levon Helm and Van Morrison he is carving his place in American roots music.

Let Quona Hudson Write You a Song!

  • 60 seconds or less: original mini-song, birthday/holiday greeting, personal theme song, or custom shout-out
  • Full original custom song with single instrument + vocal Custom lyrics and original melody.
  • Full original custom song with multiple instruments + vocals Guitars, Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Bass Guitar and Drums.
  • Two song concept bundle (think "Side A + Side B" of a single)