Phillipe St-Georges

Phillipe St-Georges


Genres:  PopPop RockSinger-SongwriterAcoustic


Full band, at home recording. 2015

I Promise

Acoustic arrangement, at home recording. 2015

Rugged Hands

Dedicated to my late grandfather, at home acoustic recording. 2020

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada,

Phillipe St-Georges developed a loved for music at a young age. He has used writing as a music outlet to tell his story, now let him tell yours! Available to write in English and French... Even Mandarin if you’d like!

Let Phillipe St-Georges Write You a Song!

  • 60 seconds or less: original mini-song, birthday/holiday greeting, personal theme song, or custom shout-out
  • Full original custom song with single instrument + vocals Your choice of Piano or Guitar.
  • Full original custom song with multiple instruments + vocals
  • Two song concept bundle (think "Side A + Side B" of a single)