Peter Stoia

Peter Stoia

Los Angeles, CA

Genres:  PunkPop PunkComedic JinglesRock

Gettin' Cozi

Custom 1-to-2 minutes song made for my friend Cozi. He asked for a "Twinkle Emo" song, similar to bands like Free Throw and Park Jefferson.


A custom 1-minute intro song for LA-based punk-themed improv team Scene Kids! Made to parody Pop Punk/Emo songs from the late 90's.

Show Off

A custom 1-minute song for a raffle winner! Won at a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood in LA. I was asked to emulate Green Day and The Vandals, and for the song to be about a troublesome roommate.

Reel Song

A custom 30-second Pop Punk song for an acting reel!

I hail from Redondo Beach, CA, and have been pursuing a career in acting, music, and comedy for the past 5 years. I play bass in my Monster Rock band Drac and the Swamp Rats.

I love any music in the "Alternative" realm. And that's what I want to make for you! Do you want a fun Pop Punk jam you can jump in unison to? Do you want '90s-style Ska Punk song so you can skank in a little circle? Do you want a BLISTERING METALCORE BREAKDOWN OMG YEAH YEAH!!!? Whatever you'd like, I will work with you and make it amazing.

Please take a listen to my sample songs! Changing up styles is my specialty. No limits!

I record in my apartment in Highland Park, CA, and master in GarageBand. I use a Gibson SG guitar, a Fender Mark Hoppus Signature bass, and a Blue Snowball microphone for vocals. I create the drums (and other instruments) in GarageBand.

Let Peter Stoia Write You a Song!

  • "Full Band" Arrangement, One Vocal
  • "Full Band" arrangement, One Vocal
  • "Full Band" arrangement, One Vocal