Peter Munters

Peter Munters

Los Angeles, CA

Genres:  PunkPopFolk

Somebody's Miracle

Acoustic-ish from 1st full length - "Wood & Wire"

Yours Alone

Full Studio Recording

How Long Till We Know

feat. Shawn Harris on Harmonica

Peter Munters has been chasing the speed of sound since the 90s, when his punk rock band Over It came together in a basement outside of DC in Northern Virginia. He loves guitars, harmony, dissonance, bicycles, photos, sun and snowflakes. He follows the notion that where words fail, music speaks. He knows beautiful sound can take us anywhere we want to go. He is obsessed with the band They Might Be Giants. Peter does not believe there is any value in defining genre or style- he thinks a great song can sound like anything, since all that matters is what you feel. How do you feel about that? If it feels good, you can be the one to decide what he writes next, especially if it relates to Howard the Duck, or The Dark Tower. He will attempt any instrument and take a stab at any idea, message or lyric, as long as it doesn't involve harming any animal or plant life. Currently Peter resides in Los Angeles, is working on his second solo album, is a student of Audio and Entertainment Business at the Los Angeles Film and Recording School and occasionally takes to the stage and studio with the almighty Fortress Social Club.

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