Nnamdi Ogbonnaya

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya

Chicago, IL

Genres:  Hip-HopRockPunkComedic Jingles

Darling Darline

from Rotissabooty


from Bootie Noir


from Bootie Noir

If you combined an ice cream truck, Frank Zappa's right brain, Carl Stallings left brain, a pair of old roller skates, a fifty pound bag of sandwiches, every twerk competition video on YouTube, a rocket ship, every color created in the 70s, the swagger of Curtis Blow and the awkwardness of a horse trying to get a job at a library, you'd get Nnamdi Ogbonnaya. Nnamdi has already accomplished literally everything he has accomplished. Which is quite a bit, actually. Managing his time between eight distinct bands, from the mathy jazz group Monobody, to the undefinable rock-quartet, Teen Cult, to the uppity pop-punk of Nervous Passenger, to the glitched-out "Math-Hop" of The Sooper Swag Project, to his own solo work; A many-armed creature not of this dimension: Nnamdi's Sooper Dooper Secret Side Project. His favorite food is "All" and his favorite color is "Infinity". Two facts that really sum him up as a person. Nnamdi cut his teeth hosting shows at his childhood home, dubbed: Nnamdi's Pancaked Haus, after the free pancakes made at every show, in Lansing, IL. He honed his craft drumming in his first band, and still one of the current eight, The Para-Medics; a frantic and furious math-rock group. Embracing an endless love for all music and allowing all influences to meld together perfectly, his own music can only be described as "you just need to hear it." It's not often that genre-hopping is regarded as anything more than an oddity, yet, Ogbonnaya manages to create his sounds with the utmost love and sincerity. Even when he's singing about butts and cheese, he's singing from the heart. It's never a joke, it just has a sense of humor. A big difference, that makes all the difference. Written by: Ian C. Sutherland (friend, cohort and personal magician to Nnamdi Ogbonnaya.)

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