Nick Thompson

Nick Thompson

Myrtle Beach

Genres:  Pop PunkPop RockRockAcoustic

Revolutions and Executions

Track off of Hit The Lights' "Summer Bones" album

Oh Paul

Thief Club track Nick wrote for his late grandfather, Paul Davis.

Harper's Song

Full band (studio recording) Recorded at King Sound Studio in Paducah, KY Song written for a dog named Harper from the description given below: "She's a Brittany Spaniel (that's the breeds name - not her name). Loves to wrestle, dig holes, she hugs you like a human (hands on your shoulders and head buried in your chest), lick ears, munch on dirty undies and when she's excited she gets "wiggle butt" - which is her just shaking her ass off. Her elbows are as sharpe as knifes and one day she will catch a squirrel and it will be awesome."


Full band song I was hired to write a few months ago

From crowded basements to world tours, indie labels to major record deals, through stuffy tour vans and upgrading into tour buses, Nick Thompson has been through it all. "You learn so much," says Thompson, thinking back on the past decade of his career. "The places you go, the people you see--all these experiences have shaped me." As the frontman and a songwriter for Ohio pop-punk band Hit The Lights, Thompson has had more than his share of experience in the music industry, all the while acquiring an extensive list of producers and songwriters he's worked with in the process. "You take away something unique from every person you work with in this industry. You find so many different ways to write a song. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that there is no ‘right’ way; everyone has their own science to it. But, the thing that I feel is always guaranteed to get a good reaction from people is honesty." Armed with a keen sense of melody, a love for shameless pop hooks, and a passion for heavy, nasty guitar riffs, Thompson has found his niche writing heavy pop songs that encourage both banging your head AND singing along. "Why not both? I love bands like Pantera, and I love bands like Third Eye Blind. They equally influence me, and if I can get the best of both worlds in there, that's what I'm going to do." As well as releasing more personal music under his side project "Thief Club,” Thompson has been branching out, looking to push himself to find inspiration through music while off the road. "Down Write is giving me an opportunity to do just that. It's giving me an access to inspiration and motivation through other people's stories, and that excites me!" Use Nick to help you tell your stories; the good, the bad, the ugly--he's looking forward to finding inspiration in you.

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