Nicholas Matthew Nieblas

Nicholas Matthew Nieblas

Los Angeles, CA

Genres:  RockAcousticCountryAlternative

Those Blue Eyes

A slow driving blues/soul song written for my wife. The organ and walking bass support the splashy drums and gritty vocals to a climactic finish.

Dammit (Blink 182 Cover - Alternate Arrangement)

My own personal spin on the iconic "Dammit" from Blink 182. Slowed down and grooving leading to a group chant vocal sure to bring up the nostalgia of the 90's right along with the impactful and sorrowful words of this classic.

Hopeless But Not Dead

An original fun tune with personal lyrics and a country vibe. I got my wife to sing back up vox.

My approach to songwriting relies heavily on the words being used. It is so easy to sound trite by saying "I love you", but the beauty is in finding newer and better ways to say it; to communicate it in ways that demand your heart to flutter and urge your soul to soar. I provide everything from simple Lyrics and Poetry, Spoken Word, Acoustic and Full Instrumentation, Original Songs and Covers. I love collaboration and finding the perfect way for you to express the things you're wanting to express. I've spent the last 20+ years writing words and crafting songs in attempts to touch people's hearts. I'd love an opportunity to do the same for you or your loved one.

Let Nicholas Matthew Nieblas Write You a Song!

  • Maybe all you need to say is quick and straight to the point. Maybe "Will you marry me?" is too simple, but an opus and symphony is too... grandiose. Say what you want to say in a small but significant way (that one was free) with this simply recorded but beautifully produced melody over the instrument of your choice (barring skill, ability, and access).
  • You know what I love? Going the extra mile. A full on complete song roughly 3-4 minutes long accompanied by an instrument of your choice (barring skill, ability, and access), with a full flowing melody of words infused with all of your love, fondness, lust, or distaste (it's your party, we can cry if we want to) is exactly what going the extra mile looks like.
  • A verse (or two), a chorus, heck, maybe even a pre-chorus and a bridge. It all depends on what you're trying to say and how you're trying to say it. Let me craft something that you can keep forever and listen to with fondness. A quick slice of song gets stuck in your head, but that's all you can think about. How neat would it be if you inspired that song, or someone inspired you?
  • You, much like most of us, want to feel the ebb and flow of the dynamic shifts in tone and timbre brought with climactic crescendos and cliffs of artistic silence filled with melody and harmony interlaced atop a full array of acoustic, electric, analog, and digital instruments, all realistically programmed and/or played, tuned and mixed to perfect clarity emphasizing your exact message.
  • Smell the oak hardwood floors and ceilings. The padded scaffolding hang, dampening and diffusing the luscious melodies and resonance of a complete instrumentation of your song, beautifully recorded, mixed and mastered in a professional Los Angeles recording studio by a small team of dedicated artists, technicians, and musicians set on communicating your message. It's going to be amazing. Let's go.