Neal Karkhanis

Neal Karkhanis

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Genres:  Pop RockAcousticPunkIndie

Straight to Hell

off "rad-pop." by The Great Heights Band


off "What is and What Can Be" by Origami Army

Coming Around

off "Songs in Eastern Standard Timing" by The Great Heights Band

Neal is a song-writer residing in Baltimore, MD. He has been called a "human chorus factory" and sings in The Great Heights Band and Origami Army.

The Great Heights Band was signed to a recording contract within a few months of releasing music independently, and since then, has toured the eastern half of the United States extensively and has shared the stage with the likes of Andrew WK, Unwritten Law, Punchline, Metro Station, Never Shout Never, Hellogoodbye, Vacationer, New Politics, Fenix TX and several other notable artists. The band won the "Emerging Artist Award" at the 2015 Milwaukee Summerfest by fan vote. TGHB released one album called "Songs in Eastern Standard Timing" in 2015, and the band's follow-up "rad-pop." is expected to be out in 2017 via CI Records.

Alternatively, Neal's side-project, Origami Army, has a much more ambient and reflective sound, with the band releasing their debut EP independently in 2017 called "What is and What Can Be."

Neal is influenced by the classics such as The Beatles, Elton John and Queen, but began learning music through the punk and grunge explosion of the 90s and early 2000s. His songs with TGHB have been compared to the likes of Weezer, Ok Go, The Rentals, Blink 182 and others. He's capable of writing original custom songs as well as covering fan favorites through either an acoustic or full-band arrangement.

Neal currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland, where he is also a lawyer and owner of a creative media company that creates content for businesses and brands.

Let Neal Karkhanis Write You a Song!

  • You pick the song! I'll cover it. I'll even slip in your loved one's name or a special memory you share with them to make it your own. This will just be an acoustic guitar and my voice - a low budget and still very special gift!
  • I'll break out the acoustic and write an original song for you/your loved one. It will sound intimate and simply be voice and the acoustic guitar. This is a great option for folks with a low budget, but also people that want a truly intimate sounding song.
  • It's the whole enchilada! I'll cover any song of your choice, create a new/fresh arrangement and get the right instruments together to convey the message you want! I'll also change names or add any lyrics that fit with you and your loved one!
  • I'll record a full on band style of recording with drums, bass, keyboards, guitars and of course vocals. Depending on the song, I'll add different sounds so it is truly a big and beautiful arrangement. This is for people that really want to go the distance and get a full on custom song!