Mike Petruccelli

Mike Petruccelli

Chicago, IL

Genres:  AcousticElectronicSinger-SongwriterPunk

The Declaration of Independence

A simple song with some vocal harmonies and a lead guitar part at the end.

You ever hear the one about that guy who grew up in the rust belt of Ohio in one of the most insanely devout football towns? Yeah, I think he left as soon as he graduated, only to be left in the heart of Appalachian hills for five years to accumulate a stupid amount of college debt and learn how to gig as a solo musician. Then, he apparently moved to some big metropolis (let's call it "Chicago") to join a couple punk/indie bands to see if he can make it as a musician there, only to be confronted with his own personal demons in his day in, day out life. You have to know that one, right? No? Yeah, me neither. Sounds like a good story though. Anyway, I'm Mike Petruccelli, I'm from Ohio and I live in Chicago. I play in the bands Rapids and Tens and I would love to write a song for you about whatever topic you wish. I write primarily acoustic songs but I also have a studio set up to were I can make simple electronic musical arrangements as well. I like writing very melancholy tunes but I can knock out catchy and upbeat songs as well, even something comical if needed. I record at home and enjoy long walks on the beach, etc. Hope to hear from ya!

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