Michael Rowland

Michael Rowland

Minneapolis, MN

Genres:  Pop RockAlternativePopAcoustic

Calling Me to My Window

Post-breakup sad song. This one falls under the "Home Recording" banner.

What Have I Done?!

A song about me being a screw-up which I wrote on my friend Stu's keyboard after he left it at my place after band practice. I would classify this as a "Home Recording Plus."

Hey there, my name is Michael and I'm the lead singer and songwriter of a band called Dermot. Dermot is Gaelic and it translates to "Free Man." I've been completely free to write about whatever subject I want and in whatever style I want for the past 4 years. But I want to go beyond subjects that I can think of. I want to create music for you. Music that celebrates positive moments in your life or helps you work through difficult times. Music about a puppy dog or a kitty cat. Anything you want, I will write a song about it and such.

Let Michael Rowland Write You a Song!

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