Michael James

Michael James

Boston, MA

Genres:  Pop RockInstrumentalSinger-SongwriterAcoustic

27 years of age, first cover band gig at age 11. For not yet cracking 30, I bring over 15 years of music-mindedness to the table. Though I started off and still remain a drummer, I've been writing for 13 years, and play all instruments, sing every part, and record/mix all of my solo material. I started making demos on a 4 track tape machine, and luckily, technology has come a long way! When my high school lost its music program, I knew I wasn't going to a traditional college. I ended up becoming a certified audio engineer via the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. At that time I was attending school, playing on recording sessions for classmates, and running live sound for a regional country act who had shared stages with Bucky Covington and the Zac Brown Band. Writing and recording music has always been a primary focus of mine, and I've always given myself personal challenges of writing in certain styles, and recording with different technique than a lot of other musician/engineers. I'd love to take on the challenge of tailoring personalized songs and providing people with something special and unique.

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