Los Angeles

Genres:  AcousticPopSinger-SongwriterIndie


A heartfelt, home produced ballad about love persevering.

A gypsy soul with penchant for wordplay and a gorgeous, unique voice, Melody Federer is an unforgettable character. Her musical career began playing on the streets of Paris in a 1930s Jazz band. Soon however she gained a record deal in LA and has gone on to write songs for Kelly Rowland, Hilary Duff, Jacob Whitesides and Laura Leighe among other artists in L.A. and Nashville and has since earned the nickname Melody Riffs, for her ability to write songs off the top of her head in seconds – the singer/songwriter equivalent of freestyling. Melody’s following continues to grow thanks to her guerilla-style marketing tactics and social media presence which include her current project 1,000 Songs for 1,000 Strangers, where she makes up short songs for people she meets and posts them online in exchange for donations to a charity called Love146.

Let Melody Write You a Song!

  • One Minute Original Song. Single Instrument / Single Vocal
  • Full Original Song. Single Instrument / Single Vocal
  • Full original song. Multiple Instrument / Vocals