Max Stern

Max Stern

Cleveland, OH

Genres:  PunkIndieFolkAcoustic

Love & A Sense of Belonging

This is a song my folk/pop band Meridian. I played guitar, bass, banjo and sang on it. This is a full-studio recording complete with drums, backwards guitar and a bunch of nice textures from all the acoustic instruments I used.

The Quiet Persuader

This is from my punk rock band Signals Midwest. We recorded each song on this album (Latitudes & Longitudes, 2011) live in one take.

Make More Plans

This is a good example of a home recording I've done. Initially it was just going to be a guitar/vocal, but I ended up with four guitars, three vocal tracks and a slightly-out-of-tune piano that lives at my parents' house.

Max Stern is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based out of Cleveland, OH. For the last 10 years, his highly personal songwriting style and enthusiastic performances with his bands Signals Midwest and Meridian as well as his solo ventures have taken him to all four corners of the US, Australia, Europe and the UK. He would like to write you a song about ghosts, airplanes, love, public transportation, or ghosts.

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