Matthew Jarvis

Matthew Jarvis

Charlotte, NC

Genres:  Pop PunkPunk

Let me tell you a story, eh?

So I'm just coming out of high school with some music buddies of mine. We all grew up with shit like NOFX, Lagwagon, Descendents, All, Black Flag, you get the idea. So a 24 pack of PBR and a fifth of Jack later, Something Slick is born, and we played everywhere. Two years later, we're set for life sorta. I invest every paycheck into studio equipment, and now, many beers later, here we are.

Long story short, I have novels full of unused riffs and bs, and I'm tired of looking at it. So let me write a song for you! None of that processed pop crap, I'm talking balls to the damn wall punk rock angst. Full band, all original. Guitars, drums, bass, vocals, idgaf. I'll throw in a didgeridoo if you want it homie.

If you don't want an original (I won't blame you. I'll just be a tad bit sad), I do covers too!

No Skynyrd though.

You can go to hell with that shit.

Let Matthew Jarvis Write You a Song!

  • Anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds of fast, unforgiving aggression in a kick ass shell. Much like my ex-wife. Full band, all original, and a topic that you choose. It'll lean more towards the 45 to 50 second mark, so you almost can't go wrong here.
  • Same deal as the prior, just longer! Full band, all original, your choice of topic, and maybe a solo or ska breakdown or some shit, but you're the boss!
  • Take the heart and soul of a song, dress it up, make it fancy. Not dinner with your girlfriends parents fancy, but attending a Russian mob bosses daughters wedding fancy. This is the full package, bass leads, guitar solos, wicked harmonies, mixed, mastered, burned onto a CD. Handwritten lyrics and thank you note, jewel case with poorly drawn cover art. The whole nine yards. Worth. Every. Cent.
  • Pick a song, any song! I'll make it happen! It'll be pretty rad. But I mean it, no Skynyrd.