Mark McMillon

Mark McMillon

Dayton, OH

Genres:  AlternativePunkRockAcoustic

In Too Deep

The Story Changes

North Carolina Sunrise

Mark McMillon - Custom Song

State Lines

The Story Changes

Mark McMillon (The Story Changes / Hawthorne Heights) is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Dayton, OH. He splits his time between traveling the world playing guitar for Hawthorne Heights and singing and writing songs for The Story Changes. Born and raised in Dayton, OH, Mark has been touring and writing songs for well over a decade. He cites his hometown as his biggest influence: "Growing up, I was so drawn to punk rock and the energy from it, but being from Dayton, I was also raised on a steady diet of some of the great artists from our area: Guided By Voices, Braniac, the Breeders. Looking back today, I think it all helped mold who I am musically and I feel very lucky to come up in such a diverse and great music scene." PLEASE NOTE: *If ordering the four song concept EP package, feel free to break the theme description up into four sections, one per song.

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