Leyla I. Royale

Leyla I. Royale

Chicago, IL

Genres:  ClassicalExperimentalInstrumentalAcoustic

A Flood Song

Leyla I. Royale

the March

Remember that dream you had, where you looked out & saw the army tramping across the barren landscape? The details are fuzzy, but you're sure it was real, & this is the sound they were marching along with.

The Alley - Exit Music

Music for the credits of a short film scored by Leyla called The Alley, as yet unreleased.

A simple repetition

Multiple cello lines on a simple chord progression.

Leyla I. Royale is a classically trained cellist & composer in Chicago, IL. She has degrees in music composition & audio production & 15+ years of experience on the cello. She works in the city as a street performer, a cellist/composer for hire, & is cofounder of Chicago Street Strings, a violin & cello duo. Leyla specializes in doing string arrangements & recordings for singer songwriters/bands/musicians. She has experience working with already written parts to improvising cello on the spot. She has also provided live strings/cello for various bands that might want strings for a single show or a tour. In these capacities, she’s worked with artists such as Kill Hannah, Foxing, the Dresden Dolls, Michael Jade, Jeff Brown, Cobalt & the Hired Guns, V is for Villains, etc., has recorded in both home & professional studios, & has played venues all over the country. Though Leyla is from a classical background, she prefers to use her talents to be a creator of new sounds from an old instrument. In her music, Leyla will sample different sounds from the cello & record multiple layers to build a unique sound, where everything has originated from traditional instruments but when put together will create a wholly new soundscape. She also frequently uses found sounds in her works. When not focused on writing & recording music, Leyla enjoys going to live events, studying Chicago history for her blog Dead In Chicago, practicing flying trapeze, learning new instruments, & spending time with her cat Desmond. Check out: www.chicagostreetstrings.com www.deadinchicago.com www.leylairoyale.com www.soundcloud.com/leyla-i-royale

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