L. Mounts

L. Mounts

Chicago, IL

Genres:  Singer-SongwriterAcousticPop RockIndie

The Great California Water Drought

This song reflects the type of recording I was doing for about two years over the course of three albums and a few EPs. The lo-fi recording was a personal choice, but this would be an example of the second-tier song option with professional DAW recording and multiple vocal and/or instrumental parts.

I am a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter from Chicago, Since 2009, I have worked on nearly 200 different releases from folk, rock, hip hop, noise, and everything in between and beyond. My goal with my Downwrite services is to deliver quality material to people who need it, or provide additional help to aspiring musicians or composers or writers who need an extra boost of creativity.

Let L. Mounts Write You a Song!

  • Guitar and vocals, really simple recording quality.
  • This will also include guitar and vocals, but the recording quality will be much sharper and may include multiple vocal parts.
  • If rap music is your thing, I will make your song within that genre. This will include a beat made by either myself or my collaborator Patrick aka Zodiac Village.
  • If you want me to go all out, I will. This will be an even more professional recording quality than the second-tier, and may include multiple vocal parts as well as additional guitar, bass, etc. Note that this one will take a bit longer.
  • This will be if you want between three and five different songs. These will likely be on the shorter end, but I will offer the second-tier full recording option.
  • I'll write your song at whatever recording quality option you choose, come to your living room, and you can pick a custom setlist for a private home concert. PLEASE NOTE: US Residents only.