Kimberley Moore

Kimberley Moore

Norwich Norfolk UK

Genres:  AcousticSinger-SongwriterFolkComedic Jingles


I wrote this song after playing a game of squash with a friend. She is sporty and offered me some carrot battons. It was at this point I decided to hide the chocolate I'd brought as my heathly snack. I was inappropriately dressed. I had black soled trainers on and cut off jeans and I seem to remember my t shirt matched the green colour of the court walls. This song was about that day. This is a mastered High Quality mp3 off my EP release called I Am Here.


I visited a women's refuge as a clown doctor in the office there was a sign post in the middle with lots of different labelled arrows pointing to supplies such as toiletries and clothes. There was a post it note in attached as this sign was newly stuck together. It read "Be Gentle My Glue Is Still Drying" which i thought was a very heart felt metaphor. I had also just bought a house and began renovations. With all those thoughts in mind I created this song. This is a High Quality mastered mp3 of my released EP called I Am Here.

Kimberley’s songs are acoustic, often confessional and story-like. Playing guitar, ukulele and with a voice pure and ethereal, she enjoys the clarity in the nonsense of metaphor, while making specific references to her own experiences for her audience to interpret. Kimberley can take something you have, perhaps it's a sentimental story, memory, object, poem as a stimulus and create a unique song for you.

Let Kimberley Moore Write You a Song!

  • 60 second mini-song, birthday/holiday greeting, personal theme song, or custom message or memory which you'd like bring to life.
  • Full original custom song with single instrument + vocal carefully crafted to be specifically for you. Birthday/holiday greeting, personal theme song, a message, a story, about an object or experience, or memory which you'd like bring to life. A personal unique commissioned lyrical song.