Kat Kalling

Kat Kalling

Las Vegas, NV

Genres:  CountryFolkPop PunkPop Rock


DRH is a song that comes from a place of being vulnerable and engaging with my feminine side. It's an experimental venture into being open.


Breathe comes from a place of severe heart break. There’s a lot of coming to terms with toxic behavior, and a tribute to my late best friend appears on it as well, that song is my apology letter to a lot of people .

Kat Kalling is Las Vegas’s resident emo cowgirl. A rodeo kid who grew up in Sheridan, Wyoming, raised on country music and early 2000’s emo.
 Marrying the lonesome, pensive nature of the cowboy with the booming, aching angst of the emo set came almost too naturally to her. 
 She started a punk band (Attention, Whore!) when she made her way to Minneapolis at 19 . She loved the Twin Cities dearly, but took a wrong turn with the wrong person and found herself wandering astray and alone among the neon in the Mojave desert at 24. 
At 30, Kat was diagnosed with autism, something that helped her better understand herself. She uses her music to communicate and connect with the world around her. 
 Kat Kalling’s songs deal in coping, trauma, connection, and raw life experiences, critiquing the ways in which we as humans grapple with vulnerability and openness. 
In a bid to reinvent herself, she’s mending past sorrows by healing through song. She believes that our darkest nights ought not be spent alone in shame, but shouted from the rooftops, so that we might hear, and answer, a call like our own.

Let Kat Kalling Write You a Song!

  • 60 seconds or less: original mini-song, birthday/holiday greeting, personal theme song, or custom shout-out
  • Full original custom song with single instrument + vocal
  • Full original custom song with multiple instruments + vocals
  • Two song concept bundle (think "Side A + Side B" of a single)