Joe Starita

Joe Starita

Chicago, IL

Genres:  ExperimentalClassicalPopIndie

Hellos by HHHC-2015

Here is a song about that was mostly built at home as a demo gone nuts with minimal fussing with microphones. After the skeleton was finished, I finished tracking in a recording studio (Downbeat Studios check'em!) in about 4 hours, layering in a new vocal and using an interesting organ that is very quiet, overdubbing some strings, and mixing. It's a weird hybrid of bedroom lo-fi and studio. Hellos uses live and electronic drums, 2 guitars, violin and cello, an amazing old wurlitzer piano, a hammond organ of some kind and as ever the dual vocals of myself and my way better half Aurora S. It is available on the 2015 album Light on a Landfill by Hunt Hunt Hunt Camp (self unreleased)

Get In the Water by HHHC-2015

This song is a good example for this model. It was written, recorded, and then released in 3 days! Inspired by 1) the offer to get a track on a great summer compilation by Maximum Pelt records 2) The patheitic and disgusting Boko Haram kidnapping and destroying the lives of all of those girls fairly recently. 3) Nobody talking about it! So its a weird summer jam about surfaces, fear, pleasure and indifference. A pitch dark beach party for the cultural relativist with a sneaking suspicion that they're about to realize that they've been running backwards for a long time. lol? This song features a secret instrument, very basic cymbal and bass programming, 2 guitars, female and male lead vocal,and 2 violins. It is available on a summer 2015 cassette comp on Maximum Pelt records

Profile by Unique Chique 2005

Profile is a song from my very first professionally recorded album from way back in 200? It was all tied up in a hurricane of fuckery and waited 2 years or so before it ever got released. The song is aptly about resiliency and trajectory. It was me figuring out how to verbalize this confusing but purposeful feeling I was having about music and life in general at the time. Its all "GET OUT" "i cant move"

I've been playing music since I turned 8 and have been working with people to help them write songs and develop creatively since I was maybe 12 years old and its my natural habitat. I work as a private instrument instructor at a small music school on the south side of Chicago where I'm booked solid year round. I also currently play, record and tour in 2 bands apart from teaching music at an alternative education school in Riverside, IL and have been teaching a guitar-based songwriting class at the illustrious Cook County Jail in Chicago for 3 years on behalf of Wayne Kramer (MC5) and Billy Bragg's charity Jail Guitar Doors.

What I'd love to offer here is a unique approach to your subject matter. I love the challenge of making newly introduced ideas useful and I love concocting a narrative out of strange ingredients. Your song will be as simple or as labyrinthine as you'd like and can resemble whatever genre you're into. I can easily and inexpensively deliver compositions containing any kind of guitars (classical, folk, electric, bass, etc), real violins & cellos, keyboard instruments, acoustic or electric drums, male & female vocals with or without harmony, as well as exotic instruments that could help to accent a specific region involved in your raw data. I would also correspond with you during the process to dial everything in and make sure you're 100% on-board the whole way. You should feel free to get as deep and personal as you want. There will be no generic tricks or prefabricated templates. I will work until I can be sincere about your material. I think that you ordering up a personalized song is extraordinary and I will strain to find useful details even if you don't want to say too much. Send your own lyrics, poems, journals, favorite books, authors or writing styles. Or none of that, maybe lets just chat. Thanks for reading all of this. I hope we can do something! I hate snobbery and classism and won't treat you like a 'civilian' in any way ever. Ask me anything.

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