Jody Jennings

Jody Jennings

Corpus Christi, TX

Genres:  BluesInstrumentalRockAcoustic

Servant Girl Annihilator Part 2

This short instrumental piece is the opening theme song for the true crime podcast Kudzu Killers: Homicide and Sweet Tea. With the show's decidedly Southern accent, both in style and substance, I went with a Delta blues style slide riff on a 12 string acoustic guitar. I came up with the riff one morning while sitting in the driveway drinking coffee and recorded later that day in my studio.


This song was written after I read a poem by Kathy Parker, titled "How To Love A Woman Who Has Been To Hell & Back". I came across this on social media, posted by a friend who I consider to be a strong, independent woman. It struck me how this work by Ms. Parker could resonate with my friend, so I put pen to paper & pick to strings to praise them both. This was recorded in my studio late at night when the rest of the world was asleep.

Eagles & Angels

A young woman I had known since she was a child took her own life. I witnessed the aftermath, particularly the effect on her best friend. I wrote this song using both dialogue and location of our conversations as inspiration. Originally recorded on an iPhone, then remastered in my studio.

I have been playing music most of my life. I began composing while still in my teens. After playing in rock cover bands, at nineteen I joined a band that wanted to do my original songs. I have been performing with bands playing covers & originals ever since.

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