Jim Suptic

Jim Suptic

Prairie Village, KS

Genres:  AlternativeIndieEmoAcoustic

Empty Tank

Full Band Studio Recording

Wonderful Life

Single Guitar / Multiple Vocals Studio Recording

Jim is best known for being the lead guitarist and sometimes singer of The Get Up Kids, as well as the singer and guitarist for the band Blackpool Lights. Jim has been a touring musician for over 20 years and he likes to write personal songs about the crazy journey we are all on called life.

Let Jim Suptic Write You a Song!

  • Single Instrument / Single Vocal (Handwritten Lyrics Upgrade $50)
  • Single Instrument / Single Vocal (Handwritten Lyrics Upgrade $50)
  • Multiple Instrument / Vocals (Handwritten Lyrics Upgrade $50)
  • Full Band Arrangement Studio Recording (Handwritten Lyrics Upgrade $50)