Jessy Tomsko

Jessy Tomsko

New York, NY

Genres:  FolkPopSinger-SongwriterAcoustic

Love You Most

Jessy was asked to write a song for a client's first dance on her wedding day! The customer was thrilled when she received this song. All music recorded and played by Jessy Tomsko. Production level: Home Recording, Full Song Plus.

Like A Gypsy

Jessy was honored to be asked to write this song for a client who had just lost her dear grandmother and wanted a special song for her funeral service. All music played and recorded by Jessy. Production level: Home Recording, Full Song Plus.

The Whole World Changed

Jessy was asked to write a song for a wedding as a gift to the couple from the groom's brother. Production level: Home Recording, Full Song Plus.

Before I Let Go

Jessy was asked to co-write a song for a Mother/Son dance at a wedding. The mother of the groom penned the lyrics and Jessy set them to music. Production level: Home Recording, Full Song Plus.

Jessy Tomsko is a folk/pop singer songwriter hailing from Philadelphia, currently based in NYC. Known for her catchy yet genuine and confessional style, Jessy is a versatile vocalist, guitarist, and pianist. Jessy has independently released several EPs and albums over the years, and is currently in the studio working on her new record "Wild and Good", to be released later this year. She has shared the stage with an impressive list of notable artists (including several Grammy winners and nominees), such as Joan Osborne, Edwin McCain, Loudon Wainwright, James McCartney, Kim Richey, Peter Bradley Adams, Ari Hest, and Chris Trapper. Customer Quotes: "Speechless. Awesome. Thank you for the great experience!" -J. King "We're so excited to present this to [our parents]. They will LOVE it. You incorporated such beautiful touches to sweet memories." -K. Myers "So beautiful! Brought tears to our eyes!" -J. Glenn

Let Jessy Tomsko Write You a Song!

  • Single Instrument, Single Vocal, Sweet Mini Song
  • Single Instrument / Single Vocal / Full-length song (approx. 3 minutes)
  • Vocals and multiple instruments, including such options as guitar, piano, ukulele, vocal harmonies, and keyboard samples.
  • 3 song bundle / Multiple instrument and vocal options.