Jerod McBrayer

Jerod McBrayer

Nashville, TN via San Francisco

Genres:  CountryEmoPop PunkRock

This One's For You

This song was written for Worth Taking's "Hangman" album and is about the last step in the 12 Step Program.

This Is My Life

This is a country song written for and about my friend Jack.

Born near Atlanta, GA in 1987, Jerod has been playing music and writing songs for over 15 years. His band, Worth Taking, has toured many countries since forming in 2011.

Moving to Nashville in 2015, Jerod found a place where he could write and produce with other artists.

Let Jerod McBrayer Write You a Song!

  • Single Instrument / Single Vocal Arrangement (Home Recording). I'll write an acoustic song for you.
  • Multiple Instruments / Vocals Arrangement (Home Recording).
  • Guitars / Drums / Bass / Programming / Vocals (Studio Recording)