J. W. Friedman

J. W. Friedman

San Francisco, CA

Genres:  Comedic JinglesPopHip-HopRap Beats

IDEOTV Donor Episode Theme

A special theme recorded for the "I Don't Even Own a Television" podcast's donor-only episodes. Fun and bouncy! Lots of live hand percussion, guitar, bass, keys, all that good stuff.

IDEOTV "Casting the Movie" Theme

Another piece of interstitial music for the "I Don't Even Own a Television" podcast -- this one is the music associated with the "Casting the Movie" segment, which happens occasionally on the show. Definitely went into this with the mindset of "we can't pay TMBG to write songs for the podcast, so I'll make my own TMBG song instead."

The Bus is Late

A Satellite High song I wrote and recorded in about a night after getting stuck at the bus stop for a very long time. This session was powered by Red Bull and vodka.

J. W. Friedman, a multi-disciplinary creative juggernaut, hails from the hills of San Francisco. With years and years of recording experience in the worlds of hip hop, post-hardcore, and broadcasting, J. W. has dedicated his life to the craft of "making things people can listen to on the internet". Performing as Satellite High, Friedman's work in the realm of strange and unique hip hop can be heard in many places, notably on the debut episode of the popular podcast Welcome to Nightvale, but has also been featured in countless internet publications as well as CNN and the New York Times. A multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Friedman is also very prolific in the world of ambient production, comedy composition, commercial music, and "messing around on the acoustic guitar".

Let J. W. Friedman Write You a Song!

  • Bringing the skill used to create IDEOTV jingles to bear, I will write and perform a song just for you on my ol' acoustic guitar and vocalizin' pipes. Impeccably written and arranged, of course, just stripped down in delivery. If answering machines were still around, this would be the thing to put on yours. Voicemail, maybe? I guess?
  • Provide me with a beat, or give me guidance of what to select, and I'll record a 32 bar freestyle about the topic of your choosing over it, complete with ad-libs, maybe a hook, who knows. Makes a great gift for people who enjoy listening to bearded men rap about strange things.
  • Do you have a video or some other sort of project you'd like to have professional music created for? Do you have a friend who really needs to hear an intricately arranged pop song about how their hair is pretty cool? This works for both -- give me some direction and a topic and I will write a short song or jingle that you can use however you want.
  • You are truly a patron of the arts if this floats your boat; Essentially I will write a song in the genre of your choosing, on the topic you desire, fully arranged and produced from start to finish, and record it in my home studio with all of the love and care I give to my own work. Which means "I will get drunk and play a bunch of drums and guitars and shit." It's worth it, I swear.