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  • Melody

    Los Angeles

    Melody is a brilliant lyricist and unique vocalist who's lived, written and performed music in LA, NY, Paris and Nashville.

  • Kimberley Moore

    Norwich Norfolk UK

    Kimberley writes acoustic lyrical metaphorical songs from the heart. She uses guitar, ukulele and her etherial vocals.

  • Shane Henderson


    Philly native, Shane's music debut was with Valencia, where he wrote, sang, played guitar, & toured the world.


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  • Nathan Graham


    Hi my name is Nathan Graham, cant wait to write custom songs for y'all, about love, loss, or drinking too much. I can handle it

  • Natalie Gelman

    Ojai, CA

    Known for her voice and songwriting, Natalie can capture your story and put it into song on the guitar, ukulele or piano.

  • Layla Frankel


    Layla Frankel describes her genre-crossing music as “Soulcana,” blurring the lines between blues, folk, pop-rock, and soul.


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  • Kristina Cottone

    Chicago, IL

    Kristina Cottone is a soulful songwriter and storyteller known as the front woman for a soul/rock band. Let's create together.

  • Steve Soboslai

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Steve Soboslai is the singer of Punchline. He wants to help you find the words to say the things that need said.

  • Christine Melody

    Chicago, IL

    Christine has a style that is very much her own; She is a mixture of all things music is very magical.


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  • Will Pugh

    Nashville, TN

    Will Pugh is a songwriter currently based in Nashville, best known for his work with Cartel and as a songwriter & producer.

  • Rody Walker


    I’ve been writing music by myself for a long time. Now I want to write some songs for you.

  • Nick Thomas

    Sioux Falls, SD

    Nick Thomas is a singer/songwriter and guitarist from Sioux Falls, SD known as the front man of The Spill Canvas.


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  • Alexxa

    Los Angeles, CA

    Hey folx! My name is Alexxa-- I'm a professional singer/songwriter with a very diverse, BIG sound, and a pro home studio

  • Mark Rose

    Chicago, IL

    Mark Rose is a singer-songwriter from Chicago, best known as a solo artist & former front man of indie/emo band Spitalfield.

  • Michael Cassady

    Los Angeles, CA

    From Iowa. An entertainer in Los Angeles. I have two kids and love to write songs. Let's work together on something magical.


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  • Brian Pretus

    New Orleans, Louisiana

    I'm Brian Pretus. I'm a musician, I live in New Orleans, LA and I play guitar and sing in the band PEARS.

  • Travis Shettel

    New Orleans, LA

    Travis Shettel (Piebald, The Past Haunts) is constantly writing off-the-dome jingles to tell stories of his current life.

  • Marina Sakimoto

    Los Angeles, CA

    LA-based singer, guitarist, songwriter, and producer who loves artists from Nine Inch Nails to Dolly Parton.


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  • danny kravitz


    Multi-instrumentalists singer/songwriter/producer. One of the most accomplished and sought-after artists on downwrite.

  • Sky Smeed

    Lawrence, Kansas

    Listeners often compare Sky to Gram Parsons, Neil Young and John Prine, though his easy-going demeanor, off-the-cuff banter and

  • Jerod McBrayer

    Nashville, TN via San Francisco

    Jerod is a songwriter living in Nashville, TN. He splits his time between Worth Taking and his home studio.

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