Giancarlo Dittamo

Giancarlo Dittamo

Northern New Jersey

Genres:  R and BPopIndie

Pizza Hut Jingle

Those Eyes

Pink Hair

Charmed Life Story

Born Giancarlo Jarman Dittamo on September 17, 1988 in a house built by music. Began making music at a young age by taking popular songs by Michael Jackson and Bon Jovi and changing the lyrics to his own. Giancarlo got his start in music by playing in bands in the local New Jersey music scene. In 2010 he released his first solo album, "Look What I Started" a collection of songs he wrote/recorded/produced in his bedroom studio. Dittamo continues to make music from home. Recently he has released two songs "Those Eyes" and "Pink Hair" on iTunes, which demonstrates the evolution of Giancarlo's sound. Last year was the Grand Prize winner of the Pizza Hut "Top This" song contest for an original song he wrote. He awarded a year's worth of Pizza Hut pizza. Besides music Giancarlo also hosts a weekly podcast called "Pop Cultivation".

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