Eric Taft

Eric Taft

Baltimore, MD

Genres:  PunkPopIndie

We Don't Need to Lie



Eric Taft


The Old Line

Welcome to Eric Taft’s Downwrite profile! Here you can order your very own custom song, to be written and recorded by Eric! Eric Taft is a songwriter and record producer from Maryland. He currently operates the Buzzlounge recording studio, and is a guitarist/singer in Baltimore based band “The Great Heights Band”(CI Records). He offers songwriting service at the Buzzlounge, which enables him to write and work with a variety of different musicians. The Great Heights Band released their debut album, titled “Songs In Eastern Standard Timing”, in 2015 to many favorable reviews. The band was named "Best Emerging Artist" at Milwaukee Summerfest 2015, and has performed with the likes of Andrew W.K, Never Shout Never, and hellogoodbye. The Buzzlounge is housed in a space formerly operated by renowned producer/engineer Matt Squire. Whichever tier/option you select for your song, you are sure to get a great sounding product. ***NOTE*** All requests will be recorded at Eric's studio.

Let Eric Taft Write You a Song!

  • If you select this option, me and my good buddy Steve Soboslai (Punchline, Blue Of Colors) will collaborate and write the song together, both singing on it!
  • The most "intimate" sounding option. The song will be recorded almost exactly how it was written: one man, one guitar.
  • The whole shabang! The whole nine! The whole enchilada! If you select this option, you'll get a fully produced song, with live drums, bass, guitars, and vocals upon vocals, all presented in a shiny little sonic package!
  • A polished acoustic rendition, if you will. This will feature vocal harmonies, perhaps some tambourine or shaker, all laid upon a beautiful bed of acoustic guitar or piano.
  • If you select this option, Neal, the other songwriter for The Great Heights Band, and I will write and perform your song for you! Neat!