Daniel Wade

Daniel Wade

Chicago, IL

Genres:  Singer-SongwriterPopRockAcoustic

Snake Rattle

From Daniel Wade's Rising Moon Anxiety EP - Full band studio recording

Maybe Next Year (Holiday Song Sample)

Original Christmas/Holiday song. Multi-instrument home recording.

Daniel Wade is a singing, songwriting, guitar-playing dude. His music, like him, is good-natured and affable, but with a touch of darkness that reveals itself in unexpected ways. 2013's Hyperconnector and Stronger Machines EPs showcase a knack for crafting little bursts of rock and roll sunshine that simultaneously feel fresh and familiar. 2014's Rising Moon Anxiety EP add elements of soul, country and punk to a winning formula. Tastemaking blog Chicagoist.com admitted that "it's hard not to get swept up in Wade's wake as his songs rush by." Wade honed his writing chops with Chicago power-pop band Treaty of Paris. His experience with spec songwriting work goes back to his Treaty days, when he penned "Colleen," for a family member who wanted a song written about her daughter as a surprise birthday gift. Since then, he's been commissioned to write wedding songs, roommate tributes and going-away-party jams in between his main musical squeezes, Ryan Powers and The Secret Weapons, and his solo project. From character studies and breakup anthems to infectious summer jams and slice-of-life introspection, Daniel Wade writes songs that stick, and he wants to write one for you.

Let Daniel Wade Write You a Song!

  • Have something special you want to to say to someone in 60 seconds? Let me help with an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, or ukelele. This can be turned around in 48 hours if needed.
  • One vocal, one instrument, one verse, one chorus, one dream!
  • Multitracked vocals, guitars (acoustic and/or electric), percussion, keys, bells and whistles, mixed to perfection and delivered hot to your inbox. Please allow up to two weeks for best results.
  • One vocal track with your choice of one acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukelele or piano track. Quick and easy but perfect if you just want something simple that lets the lyrics shine. Song length will be between 2.5 - 4 minutes.
  • I'll record any cover song you want, with additional instrumentation in the form of extra vocals, guitar, percussion, bass and keys!