Dan Chavez

Dan Chavez

Huntington Beach, CA

Genres:  EmoPop PunkPop RockAcoustic

Chasing Satellites


Pulling Me Down

Stuck Between Stories

Reckless Heart

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I'm a songwriter who hails from Pittsburgh Pa, but now consider Huntington Beach Ca my home! I moved out west with nothing but my guitar, dog and some clothes and started fresh. Ironically I took a break from music upon relocating. After a short stint acting in several movies and super small parts on a TV show or two, I was sourced to do a private audition for season 2 of The Voice courtesy of a youtube cover of mine that was discovered. After that audition I realized that I still very much had a passion for music and shortly thereafter began my band Hideouts along with two of my roommates/best friends. The rest is history! While fronting the rock band Hideouts, I have had the privilege of working with and writing with many many talented people around the United States. Basically, music rules. Let's make some!

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