Corey Keller

Corey Keller

Tulsa, OK

Genres:  AcousticSinger-SongwriterFolkPunk

I'll Be FIne

Full Band Version

Separate States

From All Kings All Poets

I'll Meet You There

From EP "Take Me Back to Yesterday"

Singer/Songwriter based out of Tulsa Oklahoma. Roots based in Punk Rock, but has toured and played with many genres and acts. Corey is known for writing honest songs and not afraid to explore new forms of songwriting. He has toured the U.S. extensively as the bass player for Midwest hardcore band "A Sequence of Ghosts." Also as the bass player for Sony/Avista Records band "Starlit Platoon." Corey has written and released two, stripped down, Ep's: "Inside Voices" (2011) and "Take Me Back To Yesterday" (2014) Corey Is currently guitarist and vocalist for band All Kings All Poets, which released their debut EP "What We've Become" in 2012

Let Corey Keller Write You a Song!

  • One Acoustic Track/ One vocal Track
  • Single Acoustic / Single Vocal of whatever you want me to sing about. I will put a lot of thought into it and it will be a minimum of 2 minutes, maximum 3 1/2 minutes.
  • Multiple Instrument / Multiple Vocals
  • Full Band Arrangement Studio Recording. Will Come with Hand-written Lyrics and Photo's of the recording process.