Connor McNeely

Connor McNeely

Detroit, MI

Genres:  FolkIndiePop PunkAcoustic

Lights And Colors

Lights And Colors was a quarantine tune, written for a friend. Things he wanted included: his girlfriend, going out to concerts, his new car (whip) and washing some classic Detroit coney dogs down with cheap beers. He is very family oriented, which was made clear in the bridge. This song is about the undeniable feeling of new, young love and how it makes you feel unstoppable and almost in a daze at times. It's about being with that person you can't stop thinking about - driving through a busy, brightly-lit city and only being able to focus on one thing. The love in your heart. This was recorded in my home using an IPhone, acoustic guitar and my voice.

Yoop Dog

This is another quarantine song. It was written for a friend about their dog, Royal. Royal was named after a hiking/camping trip my friends took to a Michigan island called, Isle Royale. When quarantine set in, Royal was feeling uneasy being inside a lot and not visiting his office dog pals at work. I added some of his habits and favorite things to do around the house and now he has his own song. This song was recorded in my home using an IPhone, acoustic guitar and my voice.

Connor McNeely was born and raised in the suburbs of metro-Detroit, Michigan. He started playing guitar, taking singing lessons and writing songs in high school. A natural-born-writer, McNeely went on to earn a journalism degree from Oakland University, where he met the co-founder of his main music gig, Any Island (est. 2017).

Any Island is an indie-rock/surf-punk band with two releases under it's belt - full-length album, "Get In / Get Out" and an EP called, "These Old Bones," which can be found on most streaming services. Any Island plays shows in dive-bars, art galleries, backyards and basements in Detroit and metro areas, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Marquette and the occasional trip to OH and IL.

Since starting Any Island, McNeely joined Detroit-area folk-rock band Tryancareagain on drums, and started writing, recording and releasing music on his own under the name Forest Warren. As Forest Warren, McNeely sings and plays guitar, bass guitar and drums. Under the name Forest Warren, McNeely has released an EP called, "Preciate You" and a Christmas single called, "Peppermint Pig (Christmas In Michigan)," which are available on most streaming services.

During the Coronavirus induced shelter-in-place, McNeely started writing custom quarantine-themed songs for family and friends. He had requesters send him a list of things they were excited to do once lockdown ended, activities and people that have been keeping them sane at home and things they learned about themselves during that time. He wrote 16 songs in one week. Now he's here on Downwrite to get to work for you and is eager to start!

Let Connor McNeely Write You a Song!

  • 60 seconds or less: original mini-song, birthday/holiday greeting, personal theme song, or custom shout-out
  • Full original custom song with single guitar + vocal
  • Full original custom song with multiple instruments + vocals
  • Two song concept bundle (think "Side A + Side B" of a single)