Chris Sutter

Chris Sutter

Chicago, IL

Genres:  OtherAcousticRockPunk

My interest in music began with wanting to play the drums. Luckily my father bought me an acoustic guitar when I was 11 years old. Along with an AC/DC tablature book, which was a peculiar combination. Though I think this is the essence of my musical philosophy and leaning. Sweet and sour. Light and dark. Juxtaposition. The greatest joy of my life is making music. It's so mystical. In an effort to further the mysticism, I have joined Downwrite to attempt to connect with others and provide myself with a new meaning of intimacy.

Let Chris Sutter Write You a Song!

  • Single Instrument / Single Vocal
  • Single Instrument / Single Vocal
  • Multiple Instrument / Vocals
  • Full Band Arrangement Studio Recording