Carly Comando

Carly Comando

Bethlehem, PA

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Carly Comando is a thirty year old pianist who resides both in Bethlehem, PA and on the road.  She has already achieved commercial success with her instrumental song “Everyday” and continues to create music both on her own and in her band, Slingshot Dakota.  The combination of classical training, perfect pitch and true love of music give Carly an advantage in captivating her audience worldwide.   

In 2006, Carly collaborated with photographer Noah Kalina to produce a six-minute stop action video showcasing six years of his life.  Noah Kalina wanted to illustrate his daily routine of taking his picture as a captivating short video and Carly composed a song specifically for this project. Combined with Carly’s instrumental piano track, Noah’s video became a viral sensation. “Everyday” was featured on CNN, 20/20, VH1 and every mainstream newsroom.  His video continues to receive millions of views per week, with over 12 million views to date.  With the success of his video came the success of Carly’s song.  In 2007, she licensed “Everyday” to help launch a new ad campaign with the NBA entitled “Where Amazing Happens.” Fox network The Simpsons also featured “Everyday” in their parody of Noah’s video in 2008.  She received an award from the Academy of Television and Sciences Primetime Emmy Awards for her contributions to The Simpsons.  Carly’s musical achievements have been recognized by Time Magazine and the NY Daily News.  “Everyday” lists fifth on Itunes as the most popular downloaded song entitled “Everyday,” outranking James Taylor and Bon Jovi. 

The success of her song inspired her to write an instrumental album entitled “One Take.” This album contains fourteen original songs, including “Everyday” and other melodies Carly originally composed for an independent film called Bittersweet.  This album launched Carly's commercial career, and she has since created original pieces for viral marketing campaigns, which recently includes Petcurean's "Savour Every Moment." The Petcurean short film was shown this spring at NYC'S Tribeca Film Festival. 

When Carly isn't composing instrumental piano pieces, she is belting out in her band Slingshot Dakota.  As a two-piece band, Carly creates the biggest sounds out of her keyboard by using the piano both as a bass instrument and a melodic accompaniment. In order to make the band sound larger than life, she experiments with various distortion pedals and continues to surprise her audience with her sound.  Slingshot Dakota was formed in 2003 and has toured Europe and the United States.  This summer includes tours with Owen (Mike Kinsella) and Allison Weiss. Slingshot Dakota has released three full-length albums entitled “Keener Sighs,” “Their Dreams Are Dead, But Ours is the Golden Ghost,” and "Dark Hearts." They have had music featured on MTV’s program “Made.” 

As a composer, Carly firmly believes that music is nothing without heart. Every composition takes love and care, and she would love to channel that energy into a piece tailored specifically for you.

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