Brian Pretus

Brian Pretus

New Orleans, Louisiana

Genres:  Punk

**02/08/2017 UPDATE** Hey y'all, I just finished the first gigantic batch of songs that were ordered, and for now I'm trying to save my creative juice for PEARS stuff, so for now if you want to order a song I'm afraid i'll only do it for a raised price, but hit me up on facebook if you wanna negotiate for a special thing or something, but yeah, the price will go down for the next holiday season. Love yall. Thanks for being awesome to me.** Yo. Sup? Not much. Just tryina keep the creative juices flowing, writing this bio thing for, chillin.

Oh, hey, didn't see you there.

I'm Brian! I play guitar and sing in PEARS. Except we just finished our last shows for like 6 months and now I gotta figure out a way to make money without destroying my spirit so I can work on new material and not be in such a tight spot, dolla-billz-wize.

SO , I'm here to offer you your very own song, written and recorded by me, with drums, bass, guitar, AND vocals. It can be about whatever you want, or leave the topic up to me if you're feeling crazy, you can get a cover song, pretty much whatever you want. Just not The Decline. Or Sweet Child O Mine. Get outta here with that garb.

Anyways, I hope you're as excited about this as I am, which is "very x2", Let's do some cool stuff.

Let Brian Pretus Write You a Song!

  • Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals, but the lyrics can be written by you or give me a topic to write about. Want a Christmas song about your awful in-laws? You got it. Just make sure you include their names. And address. And social security numbers. Did you know 867-5309 was originally 867-53-0904 and it was the girl in the songs actual social security number? She sued and won and then died.
  • You pick a song, I'll record a cover of it. Don't pick anything too terrible though or I'm gonna make a weird electronic song out of it. Any length is fine. Not The Decline though. Thats too long. **IF ORDERED AFTER December 17th, EXPECT TO RECEIVE YOUR SONG BY December 31st!!!**
  • Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals, extra Harmonies, but it'll be a full song, verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-guitar solo?-spicy enchilada?-the end. Length will be around 1:50-2:30, depending on how much coffee I drink when im writing it. **IF ORDERED AFTER December 17th, EXPECT TO RECEIVE YOUR SONG BY December 31st!!!**