Brian Pretus

Brian Pretus

New Orleans, Louisiana

Genres:  PunkAlternativePop PunkRock


If you're looking for the WORLDS MOST BADASS possible gift you could ever give someone, OF ALL TIME, then you've come to the right place!!!

All you gotta do is pick which package you want, and tell me what you want the song to be about, and ill write and record an ULTRA-BADASS original song about it. Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vocals, fake midi saxophones, whatever you want! i do it all baby! Just like the doctor ordered, and YOU ARE THE DOCTOR! Pretty cool right? I know! What a world!

Whether its for your partner, a family member, some other loved one, a friend, your mortal enemy (not friend), your dog or that boss you hate, you tell me what you want the song to be about, and I will crank out one earth shattering, mind bending, universe destroying punk rock hit for the ages, of which you will have directed, and its your gift to give to whomever you desire!

So yeah, anyway, just pick which of the (amazing) packages you'd like, and once you've done that it will ask you some questions and give you some space to write what youd like the song to be about, and then leave the rest up to me :)


Guaranteed before December 24th!

I love you all! Happy Holidays

- Brian

P.S. if you have questions, or want to hear a sample of one of the 70+ bangers i made from the past few years of this project, feel free to email me directly at

Let Brian Pretus Write You a Song!

  • The worlds coolest possible gift! For this song you can either give me lyrics, or tell me things in which i write lyrics about, and whatever to influence me and i will crank out an unforgettable 1 minute song with drums bass guitar and vocals, for you to give to that special sum(4)1, Jeez, What a wonderful world, huh?
  • Holy shit. U-F-O GOT to be kidding me! I know, right?! For this shit, gimme some words, or tell me words from which ill pick selected words to elaborate on and barf out some lyrics and a 1:00 punk song with drums, bass guitar an vocals, that I'll put on a CD, in a jewel case, with some rad one of a kind artwork, and the lyrics on the back, and ill send it you by whatever date you tell me. WOWOWOW
  • Similar to the 1 Minute Song, this song is EXTRA LONG (XL). That means it probably will include a ripping solo of some sort, PLUS extra verses and choruses. Maybe even a wacky bridge. But most importantly, I can include MORE words about your topic. and when I'm done, I'll send you a delicious MP3 of the song for you to do whatever you want with! LETS DO IT
  • This is the ULTIMATE package option of the worlds coolest gift. a TWO MINUTE long punk song, with drums, bass, guitar and vocals, maybe even a solo, who knows. PLUS, I'll put it on a CD, in a Jewel case with super cool original artwork and the lyrics on the back, and i'll mail it to you to wrap up and give to that special someone on that special day.