Brent Walsh

Brent Walsh

San Francisco, CA

Genres:  RockPopSinger-SongwriterAcoustic

I could use this space to write something long-winded, boasting of random accomplishments I've made in regards to the music industry... but you don't want that...

You probably just want to hear some of the music I've made in order to determine if I'm the right guy to give birth to your little song baby (I think I am for the record). But talking about how I tour and write music won't do much for either of us, so instead I figured I'd just link a bunch of music videos I've made over the last few years.

You can stream my entire new solo record"Are You Even There at All" or old solo record "7" on spotify or YouTube, which will probably be more of the style you're going for. The genres on this record range from: singer/songwriter, pop, blues, progressive, hip hop, acoustic, electronic and acappella.

Or if you want to hear more of my songwriting in "rock" form, you can stream my main project "I the Mighty" on spotify or YouTube as well.

Here are some vids:
Moon Creep (solo):

Cloud's Song (solo):

Pet Names:

Free (solo):

Default World (solo):

Love Your Sin:

Speak to Me:


A Spoonful of Shallow Makes Your Head an Empty Space:

Four Letter Words:


Dancing on a Tightrope:

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