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Billy Brown

Los Angeles

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Billy Brown


Billy Brown

Blood and Grain


Hello there. My name is Billy Brown. I'm mostly known for playing in heavy/thrashy/punk rock bands like Shoot the Hostages, Crash and Burn, and Ashers. I was also in a band called Deadly Sins, which was more melodic, and led me to start writing solo acoustic material under my own name. That yielded an EP (and an upcoming full length) and has more or less been my focus over the past couple of years. My songwriting generally shifts between sad, angry, and empathetic. If you would like me to write you an acoustic song with a dark theme (loss, longing, desperation, despair, self loathing, or regret), I can make you a nice tune to get drunk and cry to. Or if you'd like a song that takes the piss out of something you dislike, I'm well versed in that type of writing (providing that it's something that I dislike as well, or don't care about). As long as it's not about a specific person, because that would be a shitty thing to do. I enjoy playing and performing cover songs, so I have provided the option of requesting one. If you would like that, please be sure to let me know if you would like it to be somewhat in the same style (but with my twist on it), or if you want it to sound noticeably different from the original. If so, give me a bit of information about what you're looking for, or if I should just do whatever I want in my interpretation. If you want a heavy weird punk song, then I would suggest ponying up for the full band/studio option. I'm willing to do that, but not without other musicians and making it really big and heavy sounding, and that will require compensating people. Depression comes fairly cheap, but you gotta pay if you want violence. As far as "happy" themes. It really depends on the subject matter. While I sometimes enjoy writing music that is sometimes catchy and might have some "pop" elements, I don't want to write the song for your parent's 50th anniversary. I'm not that guy, However, I have written a few great children's songs, and occasionally get drunk and sing to my cat, so I guess I'll take it on a case by case basis.

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